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♥ Milkbbi Ultimate Sweater Giveaway 

I was recently gifted a smaller size of this lovely sweater, and I am now looking to give this one away! It’s a size large, and has been worn only a few times, but it is in perfect condition. For size comparison, I am wearing it in the picture, and I am 5 feet tall.

♥ Reblog or Like this post to enter. You may do so multiple times, but I don’t accept give away blogs as entries. 

♥ You do not have to follow me, but I will throw in a wig if you do! (I’ll message the winner with options.)

♥  Do not remove the text or source, or your entry will be considered as invalid.

♥ Entries close on November 30th, which is when I will pick a winner. I am sending out prizes for another contest, so this will not be extended.

You can buy your own sweater from Milkbbi at his shop! All his items are on sale now, so check it out! 

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*makes u cum* *presses staples red button* that was easy


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A hard dick is good to find, but a good dick is harder to find than you think” is all I’ve been trying to say this whole time.


my wip
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my wip


kiss my ass and suck my dick, everyone.

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